One Love Community Care (OLCC) is at the forefront of revolutionising the NDIS space by pioneering innovative and individual care programs that transcend traditional approaches and focus on humanitarian intervention. Our programs are designed with a visionary approach, aiming not just to meet the basic needs of NDIS participants but to elevate their quality of life.

Our philosophy is shaped around the transformative power of building meaningful relationships, community engagement, and Individualised holistic care, which is essential for the well-being and overall quality of life of the individuals we serve. This belief is the cornerstone of our organisation, shaping how we approach our mission and the services we provide.

One Love Community Care’s holistic and personalised approach to care, support, and therapies sets us apart by prioritising the mental well-being of our clients and recognising the importance of addressing diverse needs, identities, and experiences. By incorporating intersectionality and cultural sensitivity into our culture and services, we create a comprehensive and inclusive support system that suits every person’s unique needs.

OLCC’s innovative care programs represent a paradigm shift in the NDIS space, where participants are not just recipients of support but active creators of their own vibrant and connected lives. Our services empower individuals to recognise their innate worth, heightening their self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence. Moreover, our approach encourages participants to be self-reliant and engage effectively with their communities, promoting a sense of belonging, independence and interdependence.

Our commitment to empowerment and personalised care is evident in our dedication to helping individuals discover their true identity, purpose, and place in the world. Ultimately, we believe that true fulfilment in life arises from a deep sense of purpose. By providing individualised holistic care and fostering community engagement, we empower our clients to discover and pursue their passions, talents, and life goals. Whether it’s through educational opportunities, vocational training, or support in pursuing personal interests, we aim to help individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives.

At OLCC, we recognize that building a nurturing and empowering culture starts from within. We place immense importance on assembling a team of the highest quality individuals who serve as inspirations not only to our participants but also to their own families. Through continuous training centered on our organizational values and code of conduct, we ensure that our team members are not just caregivers but true advocates for the well-being of our participants. Our commitment to this culture of excellence and care guarantees that our participants remain not only happy and safe but also consistently motivated to reach their fullest potential within our supportive community.

At OLH, we believe that development starts with the individual and builds on relationships and community, allowing them to serve their life’s purpose, achieve goals and maintain sustainable, healthy, improved living.

Our Mission
At One Love Community Care, we aim to empower, support, and advocate for diverse communities and individuals. We bridge the gap between clinical services and the joy of life, fostering connections with community, nature, identity, and purpose. Our commitment is to provide accessible, appropriate services that reignite passion and bring back the pleasure of living.

Our Vision
At One Love Community Care, our vision is to revolutionise the heart of support and community services. We aspire to lead the way in empowering and advocating for diverse communities, offering compassionate, personalised home and community care that rekindles the vitality and worth of every participant. We aim to inspire individuals to discover their purpose and unique place in society by instilling a sense of aliveness, health, and belonging. In doing so, our participants become a catalyst for enhanced positive contributions to their personal, relational, and communal environments.

Our Goals
  • Provide high-quality individualised support that’s tailored to each participant’s goals.
  • Facilitate integration of individuals back into the community
  • Inspire and empower individuals to fulfil their goals independently and interdependently
  • Close the divide between clinical services and lifestyle activities
    • Reignite passions, interests, and skills of all clients
    • Reconnect individuals with their ideas of enjoyment and fun
  • Aid clients in redefining values, goals, and interests with a strong focus on family, relationships, community, connection, and purpose
  • Create social and community network support groups of like-minded people
  • Educate the public and professionals about diverse communities and their respective needs
  • Provide accessible and appropriate care and education to all individuals and communities
  • Support and facilitate healthy relationships
  • Provide and inspire the provision of healthy sexual education
  • Enhance job skills and inspire entrepreneurship, particularly for young people in finding their unique purposes and identities
  • Inspire and empower women, men & children
  • Accept, see, and understand all individual clients and their respective needs
  • Facilitate helpful and meaningful behaviour change through a suite of evidence-based treatments and holistic humanistic programs.
  • Acknowledge the importance of intersectionality and the importance of culture and identity in a participant’s lived experiences and future interventions.
One Love Community Care Methodology
OLH is proud to provide support services to serve the individual, relationships, and community, with a strong focus on culture, connection, diversity and inclusion, and collaboration.
How do our Services Work?
One Love Community Care emphasises the importance of several key areas in implementing all services provided.

If you are:

  • Desiring innovative community participation and companionship
  • Desiring to reconnect to your purpose
  • Desiring to be a part of a network of like-minded people
  • Feeling anxious or stressed
  • Feeling depressed
  • Struggling with mental ill-health
  • Feeling isolated
  • Experiencing difficulty in any area of life
  • Wanting to improve behaviour and/or relationships
Our team cares deeply and is committed to empowering, advocating and supporting you.
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