Trauma Informed Care, Community Intervention & Relationship Reconciliation

Mary is a compassionate leader specialising in relationship building and reconciliation, holistic community intervention, behavioural change, and capacity building. As the CEO and Founder of One Love Community Care, she is deeply committed to developing a sustainable humanity. She recognises the importance of trauma-informed care, intersectionality, and cultural respect. Recognising the vital importance of mental health and emotional regulation, Mary advocates for both individual and community approaches to recovery and rehabilitation. She firmly believes that nurturing stronger individuals, partnerships, and relationships contributes to a stronger society where the value of everyone’s unique gifts and differences is cherished, ultimately leading to profound social and societal progress.



Co Founder & General Manager
Community Engagement & Relationship Building

Jonathan is an empathic leader with over three decades of experience in serving his community. His expertise in behavioural change, skills coaching, transformational coaching, and holistic human-centred development plans is a testament to his dedication. Jonathan’s empowering leadership style focuses on nurturing individuals’ strengths and resilience, guiding them through challenges and towards fulfilling lifestyles. With a deep respect for diverse cultures, values, and communities, Jonathan dedicates himself to supporting people in setting goals, navigating change, and creating positive outcomes for themselves and their families. At One Love Community Care (OLCC), Jonathan’s unwavering dedication to being of service shines through in his compassionate approach to empowering others to achieve personal growth and well-being.



Community Relationship Manager

Angelina is a versatile leader with expertise in operations management, quality analysis, system specialisation, client services and relationship management. As Community Relationship Manager at One Love Community Care, Angelina thrives on connection and collaboration. She leverages her diverse skill set to foster strong relationships with clients and stakeholders, driving people-centred solutions and organisational success. She is intelligent, heart-centred, proactive, and values meticulous detail and high-quality care with everyone she interacts with. Angelina’s passion for building and maintaining meaningful relationships and her dedication to excellence nurture a culture of empathy, partnership, and progress.



Women’s Empowerment Coach & Support Worker, & Respite

Loretta is heart-centred, empathic, compassionate, and creative. She is passionate about human connection and care. She leads by example and is passionate about personal and community-based holistic interventions, personalised support care, respite programs, and mental health recovery centred around nurturing people’s natural gifts and abilities. She has championed by example that women can be devoted mothers and live true to their aspirations. “I am a mother of three children who are now adults making their way in the world. I juggled my previous longstanding full-time career as a ‘breadwinner mum’ while my husband raised our three children from tiny babies right through to the completion of their schooling. This has given Loretta a genuine appreciation of the challenges women and men face raising children, traditional role reversal, and the complexity of challenging and competitive work environments in all their diversity. 



Trauma Informed Support Worker & Mental Health Ambassador

Hanna is a provisional psychologist and research assistant currently employed with the Australian Catholic University. Her current area of focus is autism research. She has been involved in projects investigating topics such as parenting autistically and the experiences of autistic young people in transitional support programs. Hanna completed her postgraduate psychology Honours program in 2022. Her thesis centred on the lived experiences of autistic women and the sensory aspects of their food and eating. Her thesis is currently under review to be published in a scientific journal. Hanna is also deeply committed to providing care as a support worker to NDIS participants. Her dedication to understanding and supporting individuals with diverse needs extends from her academic pursuits to her hands-on involvement in caregiving roles. 



Business Relationship Manager

Ralph is known for his down-to-earth, heart-based leadership style, which focuses on a ‘team-centred’ approach to providing service and building robust organisational systems and structures designed to promote end-to-end high-level delivery. His respected experience in operations and track record of building successful organisational cultures make him a valuable asset as the Business Relationship Manager at One Love Community Care. Leveraging his expertise, Ralph is dedicated to cultivating meaningful connections and partnerships. Ralph’s mission extends beyond mere management; he aims to cultivate team spirit and coach individuals to develop their skills, leveraging their natural strengths. Ralph fosters an environment where team members are empowered to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the organisation’s mission 



Wellness Coach, Pastoral Care, & Support Worker

Philip has worked as a Pastoral Care Practitioner over the past 4 years, operating in a non denominational and multi-faith capacity to deliver emotional support to patients and families dealing with grief and loss, spirituality and meaning, adjusting to change, palliative care, and end-stage life. Philip is also a graduate of medicine and provides holistic support to clients dealing with mental health challenges. Philip’s mission is to raise the consciousness of humanity through the philosophy of unconditional love and care that speaks directly to the soul and influences the core of human behaviour. Philip is passionate about wellness coaching, support work that encourages a holistic mental, physical and emotional recovery plan and community engagement programs. 



Registered Head Nurse & Support Worker

As a Registered Head Nurse, Carla embodies the essence of nursing excellence, blending clinical proficiency with genuine empathy. Her nurturing spirit and dedication to providing holistic care have touched countless lives, from bedside to boardroom. With a keen eye for detail and a heart that beats with empathy, Carla ensures that each patient receives not only the finest medical attention but also the comfort and solace they deserve. Carla extends her reach beyond the confines of the hospital, venturing into the homes and hearts of those in need. With a gentle touch and a listening ear, she offers companionship, guidance, and practical assistance to individuals navigating life’s challenges. Whether advocating for patients’ rights, coordinating care plans, or simply lending a shoulder to lean on, Carla’s presence is a beacon of hope in times of uncertainty. 



Customer Service Manager

Lindsay is a dedicated professional with a strong background in customer care, known for her exceptional interpersonal skills and commitment to providing outstanding service. As the Customer Service Manager at One Love Community Care, Lindsay leverages her expertise to ensure that clients receive the highest level of support and assistance, fostering positive relationships and enhancing the overall customer experience. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Lindsay consistently implements innovative strategies to streamline processes and address customer needs effectively. Her leadership inspires her team to uphold the highest standards of care, making a significant impact on the mission and reputation of One Love Community Care. 



Support Worker, High Intensity Activities & Respite

As a dedicated disability support worker, Sharon radiates warmth and compassion, enriching the lives of those she serves with her unwavering commitment and genuine care. With nearly three years of experience in the field and a background in corporate telesales and administration, Sharon brings a unique blend of skills and passion to her role. Her recent completion of certificates in disability and leisure and health reflects her dedication to continuous growth and learning in her chosen field. Joining One Love Community Care is a natural fit for Sharon, as she shares the organisation’s values of empowerment and compassion. With a vision to nurture and empower individuals from all backgrounds, especially those in the disability community, Sharon is eager to contribute to the organisation’s mission of enhancing lives and fostering growth.

One Love is a dynamic team of diverse, cultured, and skilled professionals based in Australia. We are committed to passionately serving and supporting our clients and partners. Our promise to you is simple: We strive to match our experienced workers with participants, ensuring the perfect fit every time.


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